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Covid-19 Updates

The Covid-19 situation continues to change, and in response our policies and the policies of other bodies will continue to adapt to the new circumstances. If you or someone you know is experiencing hardship during this time, please know that you are not alone. You can find a list of available community resources below. 

Some of you may also be wondering what things will look like as businesses begin to reopen. We will keep you updated with our plans and plans for the local community. Some of you may be wondering how to recreate in this time. The Pennsylvania Parks and Recreation Society has created a guide for parks and other recreational facilities reopening according to the appropriate phases outlined by the state. 

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How you can respond to Covid-19

You can help yourself and your community stay safe and healthy during this time. Know the facts, follow CDC guidelines, wash your hands often, and try to remain calm. Even under quarantine, know that you are not going through this alone. Together, we can make an impact and promote health and wellness in our community. 

If you or someone you know are feeling additional stress or anxiety during this time or if you have recently experienced a loss, please know that you are not alone. Several Westmoreland County support groups are available.

Washing Hands

Questions and Answers

What can I do to protect myself from Covid-19? The CDC has lots of helpful information on what the coronavirus is, what symptoms to look for, and what preventative measures to take.

Who is most at risk for Covid-19? Reports indicate the elderly or individuals with compromised immune systems are most at risk from the Coronavirus. Again, check the CDC for more information.

How can I help my community deal with Covid-19? There are several things you could do to help yourself and your neighbors weather the Coronavirus. A few suggestions are:

  • Call and check on elderly neighbors and offer to help them set up online grocery shopping or pick other needed items

  • Connect with your community virtually while maintaining social distancing - connect with community groups on social media and online message boards, download community apps

  • Volunteer to help at your local food bank

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