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Background & Actions

Health and wellness is something that this group feels should be a priority in everyone’s lives. Taking care of yourself and putting your health first in a sustainable way is something that everyone can make happen for themselves. All that it takes is listening to what works for your body, realizing how your current health and wellness practices are impacting the environment, and having a little bit of guidance from Re-Imagine TCWAC+’s Health & Wellness group, of course!


While health and wellness are fairly broad topics, this group was established to be a source that people can connect with in order to analyze and share their gifts in the context of  these topics. Because the internet is such a convenient place to find information, the Health & Wellness Team has set out to create an online presence to make this happen. So far, a website domain name has been purchased, an email account has been created (, and a podcast (“Journey Through Health & Wellness”) has been started. Once a  website is up and fully functioning, it will serve as a place for the group to post links to the podcast series, share information relating to the podcast topics, and to raise awareness of other fitting sustainability topics. Currently, the podcast can be found on and some other streaming services such as Spotify. The email account will be available for listeners and website visitors to send in questions, comments, and even requests to be featured on the podcast! The podcast itself is a very exciting opportunity to spread the word about the importance of living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Learn more about the Reimagine TCWAC effort by visiting the Reimagine TCWAC page on Facebook or emailing This webpage is hosted by Promote PT. To visit other pages on Promote PT's website, click on the button below.

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Health & Wellness Group

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