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How can you reduce plastic waste?

What are plastics?

Plastics are synthetic materials that are made into a variety of things, including packaging, toys, hygiene products and many other things.

Why are plastics such a problem?

Plastic is piling up in the ocean, harming marine life and ecosystems. Plastic does not decompose. Thus, the plastic problem in the ocean will continue to get worse unless people like you start making changes to your daily living to help the U.S. and other countries reduce dependence on plastic

How can we solve the plastic problem?

Solving the plastic problem requires solutions on several levels, including:

1. Swapping single-use plastic items for items that can be reused.

2. Purchasing items that use sustainable packaging. See how programs like Loop are helping consumers 

beat plastic pollution.

3. Write to your favorite brands and ask them to swap plastic packaging for eco-friendly alternatives

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